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IoT security:
Every organization has a sensitive data and it’s important to protect them
Customers must be assured that an IoT solution
  • Keeps business-critical information safe

  • Covers access control model to provide granular access

  • Supports their security model

  • Provides easy-to-use audit and tracking capabilities

Discussion over ‘security’ is important to happen
  • Solve customers’ security concerns around acceptability and suitability

  • Add reliability and credibility by demonstrating your knowledge in IoT

Understanding business situation
  • It’s important for you to see from the customer’s point of view and build a solution that makes sense

Security and Compliance in IoT

IoT Compliance:
The person who is responsible for managing IT security is normally concerned responsible  for compliance too.
Comply with relevant laws and regulations, which includes
  • The FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, the Joint Commission, HITECH, HIPAA, the Data Protection Act, and the Freedom of Information Act

Most companies have a structured compliance framework that details their processes
  • This helps them maintaining to stay compliant with established regulations or legislation specifications

Helps their customers simplify the compliance process to help them follow best practices while assuring compliance
  • Reduces audit costs and eliminate complexity by offering automated compliance reports

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